Cheeky sign war sparks 'salty' battle between Ontario businesses

"Hey DQ, wanna have a sign war?" the owner of Speedy Glass in Listowel, Ont., posted on Monday. Now it's a battle of the businesses, with signs across the town taking digs.

What started off as a duel spread to signs across town of Listowel

Speedy Glass asks Dairy Queen if it wants to have a sign war. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

The feud began when Trevor Cork, owner of Speedy Auto Glass in Listowel, Ont., north of London, posed the friendly question, "Hey DQ, wanna have a sign war?"

The Dairy Queen next door accepted the challenge, with a zinger suggested by a customer. 

The fast-food restaurant came in hot with a legen-dairy pun that set the bar for the rest of the battle. Speedy Auto Glass, are you gonna take that? (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

Speedy Auto Glass raised the bar. 

Speedy Auto Glass fired back, letting DQ know the roast had only just begun. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

Dairy Queen fired back: "My understanding of a sign war is: they chirp and we chirp back," said Amy Hamilton, the local Dairy Queen owner.

DQ then tried to put out the fire with a cold diss. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

Businesses across the town jumped in, as well as the local fire department.

The local fire department joined in to let everyone know that they’d be on their way if things got too hot to handle. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

DQ had no chill.

But DQ was like: ‘This is between us and Speedy Auto Glass, North Perth fire department. Please sign off.’ (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

Speedy Glass continued to chirp to Dairy Queen. "Speedy gets up really early to change their sign," said Hamilton. 

Speedy Auto Glass then poured a little salt in the wound. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

The local Legion Branch #259 would not be left behind. 

What started as a sparring match for two became an outright community brawl. First, the local Legion Branch No. 259 joined in on the action. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

A sporting-goods store got in on the action. 

A sporting goods store grabbed its favourite marker and decided to sign up for the battle as well. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

A local auto dealership took a swipe at Speedy Auto Glass. 

A local auto dealership brought out the big guns and used its digital marquee to take a jab. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

BMO stepped into the ring with a window sign. 

A local BMO bank proved that you don’t need technology to hit hard, only a strong pen game, coming in with a pun and a rhyme. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

The agricultural society claimed to be too busy, but still joined the battle. 

Members of the agricultural society wished they could spar, but they were just too busy being outstanding. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

This company egged on its competition in town, Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. 

A local business, Cross Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., just wanted everyone to chill out. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

As things heated up, a local law firm offered its services. 

With all signs pointing to more sign silliness, a local law firm stepped in to offer its expertise. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

"It's a diversion from what's happening in the world," said Cork. 

Hamilton said people are sending ideas for the signs, reaching out to let them know it's making them laugh, "at a time there isn't much to laugh about."

Even the local family health team weighed in. 

Even the members of the local family health team got involved, by saying they wouldn’t be getting involved. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

And the child-care centre asserted its value in the town. 

Then the child-care centre asserted its value in the town. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)

Both Hamilton and Cork have no plans to concede the battle.

"We have great fans with a million ideas still," said Hamilton.

And last but not least, Speedy Auto Glass told citizens to keep an open mind. You never know, Dairy Queen might just take the crown. (Submitted by Trevor Cork)



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