What is Sesquifest? Probably London's biggest party in 150 years

Sesquifest is not just any 150th birthday party. It's a five day culture and music festival taking over the streets of downtown London.

Sesqui this! How to make the most out of Canada Day in London

What happens when you spend 730 days planning, drop $250,000, close off a dozen streets, hire 60 musical acts and setup a giant dome?

You get Sesquifest, the biggest Canada Day weekend party in London. Ever.

Here are our top picks for making the most out of Sesquifest. 


What's a festival without a dome! Once inside, experience a 360 degree visual tour of Canada's landmarks, people and wildlife. You will think it's worth the wait in line outside Budweiser Gardens. 

Summer Skating 

We're not talking roller skating. Bring your ice skates and sun screen and try out the synthetic ice ring in the Budweiser Gardens parking lot. Give it a whirl and then let us know if you want to make something like it permanent ...   


Lots of options when it comes to fireworks on July 1. The big one is at the Forks of the Thames but many neighbourhoods are planning their own. Find one closest to you here

Headphone dance party

Still energized after Saturday's fireworks? Head to this unique dance-a-thon near at the Covent Garden Market. The headphones light up, the djs are spinning live and no one is bothered by the noise. Hard to say who will have more fun: the dancers or people watching the dancers. 

Giant cake

This Canada Day baked good is a beauty. It's about the size of a mini van and a slice is up for grabs Friday at noon at the Covent Garden Market. We say, let them eat a lot of cake! 

Mega music jam

There are so many musicians playing this weekend, we can't name them all. Of the 60 acts booked, about 40 are local. Two stages are running almost nonstop from Thursday - Sunday on Talbot Street. See the lineups here