A 'wonderful friend,' says roommate of student killed in plane crash

Niloofar Mansouri was a longtime friend of Hadis Hayatavoudi who was studying electrochemistry at Western University. The two women lived together in London, Ont., but their friendship began a decade ago in Iran.

Niloofar Mansouri's friendship with fellow student Hadis Hayatdavoudi began a decade ago in Iran

Niloofar Mansouri and Masoud Zakeri were both friends with Western PhD student, Hadis Hayatdavoudi, who died on an Ukrainian International Airlines flight this week. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

The lives of four students returning to Western University to continue their studies were cut short when their Ukrainian International Airlines flight crashed, killing all 176 people on board this week.

PhD electrochemistry student Hadis Hayatavoudi was one of the four students studying at Western who died in the crash.

Her longtime friend and roommate, fellow student Niloofar Mansouri, appeared on London Morning to pay tribute to Hayatavoudi.

The two met a decade ago in Iran, their home country.

Host Rebecca Zandbergen was also joined by chemistry student Masoud Zakeri.

Niloofar Mansouri met Hadis Hayatavoudi a decade ago in Iran when they were both students. They each applied to Western University and were continuing their studies in London, Ont. 1:39

Fellow chemistry student, Masoud Zakeri spoke about Hadis Hayatavoudi.

Fellow chemistry student, Masoud Zakeri met Hadis Hayatavoudi about a year ago at Western University. 0:49
Members of Western University Niloofar Mansouri and Masoud Zakeri join London Morning to share memories of their friend, Hadis Hayatdavoudi, who died in the recent plane crash in Iran. 9:43