These pint-sized rookie sports reporters have little to report

The brothers posted their first show, 'Sporty Brookside News' from their kitchen table, with mom Amanda Gallant-Turner behind the camera.

Brothers Ollie and Finn Ysebert Gallant-Turner posted their first report on YouTube on Tuesday

Brothers Ollie and Finn Ysebert Gallant-Turner wrote their very own sports report. (Submitted by Amanda Gallant-Turner )

London, Ont. brothers 9-year-old Ollie and 6-year-old Finn Ysebert Gallant-Turner sit at their make-shift anchors desk and open up the show with a cheerful introduction.

"Hey sports fans! I'm Occasional Ollie and Floppy Finn. Welcome to Sporty Brookside News." 

The boys, who live in the Glen Cairn neighbourhood, have been home, off school, with their mom, Amanda Gallant-Turner. They've been completing assignments for a local Facebook group led by Catholic school teacher Erin Schned.

On Tuesday the boys had to write a news report.

"The kids decided to take it a step further and record their own little news show" said Gallant-Turner. "I grew up in a family that was very 'play pretend' and local theatre stuff and so I was jumping on that."

Gallant-Turner said the boys wrote the script themselves, although she admits she helped them pull together their very convincing anchor wardrobes.

"The youngest Finn loves dressing up so he actually wore the suit for the entire day," added Gallant-Turner

"Now everyone's asking when are they going to post about the limbo competition which they mentioned in their story. Looks like mom and dad are going to have a limbo competition."

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