Dragonfly Bistro's Indonesian menu is best enjoyed family-style

The Dragonfly Bistro on Richmond Row offers both European and Indonesian cuisine. Our London Morning restaurant reviewer loved everything about her meal - but wasn't so sure about the coffee.

London Morning restaurant reviewer loved pretty much everything at this Richmond Row eatery

Dragonfly Bistro is located at 715 Richmond Street in London. It offers an eclectic menu of Indonesian and European food. (Kylene Walker for CBC)

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Our reviewer is Kylene Walker, a local food blogger with no connection to the restaurant industry. She likes to dine out and have the same experience as other Londoners would at a restaurant. No special treatment!.

Kylene bases her reviews on the food, the service, the decor and the cost. She rates her experience from 1 to 10 forks - 10 being the top rating.

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"Be sure to dine in good company," said Kylene Walker on CBC Radio's London Morning on Thursday.

The Dragonfly Bistro has a cosy atmosphere that sits only 19 people, so you're sure to hear conversations around you.

Located on Richmond Row, the Dragonfly Bistro has an attractive exterior that carries through into the interior and the exposed brick.

The menu is "eclectic, to say the least," said Walker.

There are traditional European offerings, such as soups, salads, scallops, or mushrooms with Stilton cheese for starters that range in price from $10 to $14. The main menu includes spaghetti with wild mushrooms, lamb, salmon, and chateaubriand for $20 to $25.

"They are all very traditional European dishes, though some are prepared with hints of Indonesian spices," said Walker.

The owners, Don and Nora Yuriaan, come from completely different backgrounds. Don is from Indonesia and Nora is from Wales, and they met in Majorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean. The Dragonfly Bistro menu is a reflection of their different backgrounds and travels.

The fixed-priced Indonesian menu is served family style and costs $20.

"While you can order for just one, I would recommend two people ordering the dish, so that the family experience is a bit better when you share it," said Walker.

They dined on Daging Rendang, which is a stewed beef in coconut milk, galangal, chilli, coriander, turmeric, pepper and garlic.

"Did I mention that Indonesia is known for its spices?!" said Walker.

Utensils are provided, but Krupuk, which are prawn chips, are also served to scoop up the food. 

"For me, the prawn chips were a perfect balance to rich, sweet and spicy Daging, which really was the star," she said.

There are two dessert options: creme brulee and toffee pudding. Walker said they tried the coffee, but it was "far too strong. None of us got past the first couple of sips, which is too bad, for an otherwise great meal."

Dragonfly Bistro is located at 715 Richmond Street in London.

Kylene Walker gives it 8 out of 10 forks.

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