London's red light cameras continue to nab motorists

London's red light cameras continue to catch motorists at intersections throughout the city. More than 200 tickets were issued to the end of July - and only four of the 10 cameras were operational at the time.

The city will have 10 cameras operating by the end of the year

More than 200 motorists received tickets from London's red light cameras by the end of July. And fewer than half of the cameras were in operation at the time. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

London's new red light cameras continue to click away at motorists who enter busy intersections when it's illegal do so. And the city continues to collect $325 for each offence.

According to the latest data from city hall, 205 tickets were issued for running a red light until the end of July — and only four of the 10 cameras were operational at the time.

Three more cameras were put into play in August but numbers for them are not yet available.

The final three cameras will become operational later this fall.

"What we know … is that there is a red-light running issue," said Shane Maguire, who manages the red-light program for the city.

"Compared to when we looked at the intersections as part of an analysis process, there's fewer infractions being issued, which is a good thing – which means fewer people are running red lights – but there is still some red-light running."

Maguire said the next step is to examine the collision data to see if there has been a decrease in the number of right-angle collisions. 

"That's what we're really targeting," he said.

Studies show red-light cameras reduce the number of right-angle collisions, which often result in serious injury or death.

Red-light infractions hard to appeal

Based on the number of infractions issued to date, the city has generated more than $66,000 from the red-light cameras, assuming all the motorists who have been ticketed pay their fines.

The owner of the car — not the driver — receives the ticket and has the right to appeal.

But Maguire is confident the tickets will stand up in court.

"I haven't seen each individual infraction, but as part of the testing, it is very black and white — clear cut  — that the vehicle entered the intersection when it was red."

Maguire points out the cameras are only activated when a vehicle enters the intersection during a red light.

"If a driver enters on an amber, or they're in the intersection turning left and the signal turns red, those do not trigger the camera," he said.

Despite the growing number of infractions, Maguire says he's only received positive feedback on the red-light program and its goal of curtailing aggressive driving.

London is among eight Ontario municipalities using red-light  cameras, including Toronto, Kitchener, Hamilton and Ottawa.

Camera locations: 

  • Springbank Drive at Wonderland Road
  • Commissioner Road at Wellington Road
  • Dundas Street at Clark Road
  • Queens Avenue at Adelaide Street
  • Commissioners Road at Wellington Road
  • Huron Street at Highbury Avenue
  • Windermere Road at Richmond Street
  • Exeter Road at Wharncliffe Road (Installed but in test mode)

Coming online this fall:

  • Oxford Street at Adelaide Street
  • Queen's Avenue at Talbot Street