Where's the beef? Steaks snatched in rare Ontario meat theft

Provincial police are investigating a steak theft that likely left a hungry family in Norfolk County feeling raw.

Police say the homeowner left the meat for a short time only to find that it had seemingly vanished

Provincial police are investigating a rare steak theft after meat was stolen from a family's garage before they had a chance to cook it. (Lukas Gojda/Shutterstock)

Where's the beef? 

It's the question provincial police investigators in Norfolk County are asking after a steak theft left a hungry family feeling raw. 

The meat was reported stolen on Monday from a family's garage where the homeowner was preparing the beef to be cooked for dinner. 

Police said the homeowner left for a short time only to return to find the steaks had seemingly vanished.

OPP spokeswoman Const. Stacey Culbert said that while investigators often receive complaints about stolen food, capers involving stolen steaks are rare. 

"No, we don't investigate thefts of steaks from garages everyday, but to know there was either a person or a stranger in your home that breached that security for you is certainly worth calling the police over," she said Thursday. 

Still, Culbert said, the crime was apparently well done because officers who arrived at the scene could find few clues as to who would, or what, would be the culprit. 

"Nobody was found lurking around and there was no evidence around the scene to suggest that we definitely had a break-in at the scene that occurred."

"It's obvious someone had the intent to steal some food or animal had a really good supper," Culbert said. 


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