Why these Stats Can trailers are parked at Springbank Park

The mystery has been solved. Statistics Canada has parked three trailers at Springbank Park to help collect data for a study on the health of Canadians.

It turns out they’re being used for a survey on the health of Canadians

Statistics Canada trailers parked at Springbank Park are part of a national survey on the health of Canadians. (

The mystery has been solved.

Passersby couldn't help but notice why at least three large trailers bearing the name Statistics Canada were parked in a lot outside Storybook Gardens in London's Springbank Park.

A photo of the trailers was posted on the social media site with the question, "Anyone know what's up?"

No, it's not a clandestine mission using Statistics Canada as a cover. It's an authentic Stats Can operation.

The national statistical agency is working on a health and wellness study in the London area, as well as "many other cities across the country", according to Scott Stafford, the managing director of parks and recreation for the City of London.

Stafford says the agency approached the city for a place to park their trailers some time ago.

"We looked at a site that would work well for them and well for us."

According to the Statistics Canada, the Canadian Health Measures Survey collects information on Canadians about their general health and lifestyles.

The agency says the survey is conducted through interviews and the collection of physical measurements. The goal is to estimate the number of Canadians potentially at risk of developing certain diseases, according to a background statement from Statistics Canada.

More details are provided on the Stats Can web page.

"The first part of the survey is a household interview, which includes questions on many health-related topics … It's conducted in the respondent's home, followed by a visit to a mobile examination centre, where physical measures are taken."

The measures include blood pressure, height and weight, bone density and vision tests. Questions are asked, among other things, about nutrition, tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, lifestyle, physical activity and household demographics.

Stats Can says the survey will wrap up in mid-December.

Stafford said it made sense to offer up Storybook Gardens as the site for the mobile examination centre now because it's off season for the popular tourist attraction.