Why this mother and son are 'love bombing' a London, Ont., hospital

Sara Lanthier and her son 13-year-old son Will have been "love bombing" St. Joseph's hospital in London, Ont., in response to the anti-vaccine mandate protesters who rallied in front of hospitals across Canada earlier this month.

Sara Lanthier saddened after watching against anti-vaccine-mandate protests outside hospitals

Sara Lanthier and her son Will, 13, have been standing outside St. Joseph's hospital in London, Ont., for an hour each morning this week. (Submitted by Sara Lanthier)

Holding signs that read "Thank you for your tireless work" and "Health care workers. The real MVPs," Sara Lanthier and her son Will have been "love bombing" St. Joseph's hospital in London, Ont., to counter last month's rolling anti-vaccine mandate protests at hospitals across the country.

"While I support people's right to protest, I just couldn't understand why it was in front of hospitals, and it made me really angry," said Sara Lanthier.

She wanted to do something.

So together with her son, Lanthier has been standing in front of their neighbourhood hospital for an hour each day before school to encourage staff as they head into work.

Lanthier calls it "love bombing."

Will Lanthier wished health-care staff a s'awesome weekend on Friday morning. (Submitted by Sara Lanthier)

"We just want to say thank you," said Lanthier. "To all hospital staff, the people that do the cleaning, the people that work at reception, to all of them."

"On the second day, a hospital worker said, 'Oh, you're so cute.' And that was nice," said Will. "People have just been saying thank you and how sweet it is and stuff like that. So it feels pretty good."

The mother and son have family and friends who work at the hospital, and have heard how difficult the last year and a half has been for them. 

"We've seen it pile up on all of them," said Lanthier. "They're just working tirelessly, endless hours.

'We had a couple of people question us the first day about how we felt about staff losing their jobs if they won't get vaccinated. Our response is, "We're not here to be political, just to say thanks.'"

Lanthier is hopeful others will also love bomb their local hospitals. One commenter on Lanthier's social media wrote: "You represent thousands of people!"


Rebecca Zandbergen

Host, London Morning

Rebecca Zandbergen is from Ottawa and has worked for CBC Radio across the country for more than 20 years, including stops in Iqaluit, Halifax, Windsor and Kelowna.