Long term care home cook moonlights as comic book writer

Johnny Cassidy has been cooking for the elderly at a long term care facility in London for six years. He moonlights as a comic book lover and now a writer.

39-year-old Johnny Cassidy is passionate about two things: feeding the elderly and comic books.

Johnny Cassidy is set to release his first comic book with illustrator Chad Leduc. The pair is also launching Tardigrade Press simultaneously. (Submitted by Johnny Cassidy)

39-year old Johnny Cassidy of London, Ont., has a love for feeding the elderly.

Cassidy, a trained Red seal chef, works at a local long term care facility as a cook, on the dinner run.

"When I went to school, I decided that I wanted a long term care job because of the neurological stimulation that food brings," said Cassidy who cooks familiar food the clients love such as schnitzel, pasta and Reuben sandwiches.

Here's the neat part. In a bizarre marriage of careers, Cassidy is also a comic book lover who next month is releasing the first in a series of six books, along with illustrator, Chad Leduc.

Cassidy said he and illustrator Chad Leduc are hoping to publish six issues. (Submitted by Johnny Cassidy)

The series is called Sasquatch Klondike, and will be published by Cassidy and Leduc's new publishing company, Tardigrade Press.

"It's about the Klondike gold rush to a degree. It's more about people and how they act in desperate situations," said Cassidy.

"It's about a family of impoverished individuals who have chosen to take an invitation to mine for what they think is an infinite amount of gold in the Klondike. And they come across some supernatural beings, and carnage ensues."

Cassidy has no plans to give up his career at the long term care home and said despite the challenges of working through a pandemic, things have been running smoothly.

"I happened to land a really great gig at this retirement home, so I plan to stick around for the long run."

The first Sasquatch Klondike issue is set to be released next month.

Listen to Johnny Cassidy explain how he got into cooking and comics:


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