Londoners create valentines for veterans at local libraries

London veterans will get valentines from grateful Londoners today. It's part of a Canada-wide program run by Veterans Affairs which began 30 years ago.

More than 600 Londoners created valentines for veterans at local libraries

Patrons at the Masonville branch of the London Public Library created Valentines for Veterans, part of a Canada-wide initiative. (Supplied)

For 30 years, Canadian veterans have been getting valentines from grateful citizens, part of a push by Veterans Affairs Canada. 

This year, more than 600 Londoners made hand-crafted cards at local libraries across the city. 

One card reads: 

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

Thank you for your service

We'll always remember you"

Librarian Vanessa Rommens stands with some of the valentines for veterans submitted at the Central public library. (Submitted)

Another says:

"We will always be grateful for what you have done to keep Canada strong and free!"

Staff were touched by the many heartfelt messages and by the creativity, a library spokesperson said. 

There were cards, as well as book marks, pop-up art, and hanging placards for doors. 

The tradition began in 1989, when the late newspaper columnist Ann Landers encouraged her readers to create valentines for veterans in Canada and the United States. 

Veterans Affairs has been distributing the valentines to long-term care facilities across the country since 1996. 

Children also make the cards at schools and they're distributed to veterans.