London lawyer attends anti-Trump protest in New York

Faisal Joseph says the demonstration Monday outside Trump Tower had a violent undertone.

Freedom of speech being used as freedom to hate

London lawyer Faisal Joseph was one of thousands of anti-fascist protesters who took to Trump Tower on Monday, August 14. (SUPPLIED)

After the violent confrontations between white supremacists and counter-protestors proved deadly last weekend in Charlottesville, rallies have been held across the continent.

That includes an event yesterday in London's Victoria Park, which drew hundreds.

But at least one Londoner joined the thousands of protesters who took to Trump Tower in New York City .

Faisal Joseph, a partner with Lerners Lawyers, was in New York on business, and decided to attend the rally.

"I had an opportunity to make another voice heard, not just as a Canadian but as a citizen of the world," Faisal told Afternoon Drive host Chris dela Torre.

"There is certainly no place for hate, racism or xenophobia."

Joseph, who has taken part in political demonstrations before, said the scene in New York had a violent undertone.

"I had never seen anything like it", said Joseph, who said some Trump supporters at the scene were wearing Nazi symbols and other white supremacist imagery.

"It's disturbing, not only as a citizen, but as a lawyer. They seem to be using this 'freedom of speech' amendment as a cloak for freedom to hate."

Listen to the entire interview below.