All school buses cancelled, but snow slow to come to London

London city crews are preparing for a snowfall of up to 10 centimetres by end of day Friday, with difficult driving conditions possible for the afternoon commute.

Environment Canada weather statement warns that snow will be heavy at times as the day goes on

The forecast is calling for up to 15 centimetres of snow by the end of day Friday. (Colin Butler/CBC)

All school buses for the London District Catholic School board and the Thames Valley District School Board are cancelled for the entire day. 

Schools remain open but parents are responsible for transportation to and from school. 

But while London city crews prepared for a snowfall of up to 15 centimetres by end of day Friday, the morning commute was spared much of the predicted heavy snow.

Radar shows snow arriving in the city by mid-morning, possibly creating dangerous driving conditions in the afternoon. 

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for London and surrounding areas that warns of a "significant snowfall." 

The snow, which could be heavy at times, was expected to start before dawn Friday and continue throughout the day.

The statement says drivers should be ready for poor winter road conditions and reduced visibility. 

John Parsons, the City of London's manager of transportation and roadside operations, says road clearing crews will be ready to respond.

He said the first response early Friday will include deployment of 27 salt trucks on main roads and bus routes. Those trucks can also do some plowing. 

As the snow stacks up, the city can then put 70 road plows on the streets, along with 42 sidewalk plows. 

Main roads, like Dundas Street, Highbury Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway, are salted and plowed first.

"Because those roads are our bus routes, we want them cleared first," said Parsons. "They're also cleared for emergency vehicles. We need those roads cleared before we move on to local streets."

The city has more than 200 staff involved in winter maintenance. 

Parsons said Friday's snowfall could pose a challenge because the white stuff will fall during both the morning and afternoon commutes. As of Thursday afternoon, forecasts were suggesting the snow could be particularly intense between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. 

"That's right in the middle of commuter traffic," said Parsons. "That will make it a slow go for people commuting to work or school. What can happen is not only is there lots of traffic, but then our plows and our salt trucks are in traffic so it takes longer to move through the system."

But those heavy early-morning snowfalls didn't happen.

The city posts snow removal updates here

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