Where is London's spookiest spot?

As part of the London Public Library's 'One Book One London' initiative, this self-guided 'ghost walk' map seeks your recommendations for top spooky spot. 'The Saturday Night Ghost Club' by Craig Davidson inspired the library's latest community project.

London Public Library crafted a self-guided 'ghost walk' map and is looking for your input

Each library branch is displaying a large map of the ghost walk and people will have an opportunity to add to it. (Submitted by London Public Library)

As part of London Public Library's 'One Book One London' initiative, this self-guided 'ghost walk' map seeks your recommendation for the top spooky spot. The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson inspired the library's latest community project.

Davidson's book follows the story of a surgeon who remembers spending time as a boy in a ghost club with his uncle.

"The adventures are spooky and a little scary and uncomfortable," said Sarah Andrews, coordinator of adult services with London Public Library. "In the process of his adventures he learns about himself, he learns about his uncle, he learns about urban myths and it's a big part of who he's developing into."

"So wanted to pick up on that and talk about some of the spooky places in London."

Andrews said a large-scale version of the map is now hanging in all of the library branches. "We've put together this map that is based on feedback from both the community. And also staff who were aware of some of these urban myths in the city and we put together this map."

So far, the London Public Library's ghost walk includes 11 spooky stops. (London Public Library (Submitted))

Andrews said there's still time to add spooky attractions to the map. "We've shared the big ones. So now if people know of other places we'd love them to go into their local libraries and chart on the map things that they've heard about."

Andrews hopes the map will spark conversation in the London, and adds it's intended to be family friendly.

"Lots of people like things that are a little bit scary and challenging. It was just another way to explore the city and spend time as a community."

You can check out the full map here.


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