Federal election 2021: Who is running where in London's 4 ridings

With a federal election set for Sept. 20, here's who is running in which riding in the London area in southwestern Ontario.

Parliament was dissolved Sunday, with election set for Sept. 20

Canadians are going to the polls Sept. 20. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

A federal election has been called for Sept. 20.

Here's a list of who is running in which of London's four federal ridings in southwestern Ontario: 

London West

London West (Elections Canada)

Population: 126,110

Registered voters: 100,387

The only riding with no incumbent, after Liberal MP Kate Young announced she won't be running. Young has held the seat since 2015. Prior to Young, Ed Holder held it for the Conservatives. 


  • Conservative: Rob Flack
  • Liberal: Arielle Kayabaga
  • Libertarian Party of Canada: Jacques Boudreau
  • NDP: Shawna Lewkowitz
  • People's Party of Canada: Mike McMullen

London North Centre

London North Centre (Elections Canada)

Population: 125,362

Registered voters: 98,039

This riding has been represented by Peter Fragiskatos since 2015. He is running again. Previously, it was held by Susan Truppe of the Conservative Party. 


  • Conservative: Stephen Gallant
  • Liberal: Peter Fragiskatos
  • NDP: Dirka Prout
  • Green Party: Mary Ann Hodge
  • People's Party of Canada: Marc Emery


London Fanshawe (Elections Canada)

Population: 119,467

Registered voters: 93,944

This riding has been held by the New Democratic Party (NDP) since 2006. It has been represented by Lindsay Mathyssen since 2019; she was elected after her mother, Irene Mathyssen, announced she wouldn't run again. 


  • Conservative: Mattias Vanderley
  • Liberal: Mohamed Hammoud
  • NDP: Lindsay Mathyssen
  • People's Party of Canada: Kyle Free


Elgin-Middlesex-London (Elections Canada)

Population: 115,052

Registered voters: 94,026

Held by the Conservatives since 2004, this riding takes in a large rural area. It has been represented by Karen Vecchio since 2015. Before that, the MP was Joe Preston. 


  • Conservative: Karen Vecchio
  • Green Party: Amanda Stark
  • Liberal: Afeez Ajibowu
  • NDP: Katelyn Cody
  • People's Party of Canada: Chelsea Hillier