London police have administered naloxone 6 times in less than 6 weeks

London police began carrying nasal spray naloxone kits June 4.

Police began carrying nasal spray naloxone kits on June 4

London police officers are each carrying two nasal spray injectors. (Holly Conners/CBC)

London police have used naloxone six times since they began carrying it June 4, according to Const. Peter Keane.

Each officer carries two nasal spray naloxone kits, Keen said. So far, they've used it five times in June, and once in July. 

Keane said he didn't know details about the instances where the substance was used, but that the circumstances where an officer may need to use naloxone can vary.

"They can provide immediate assistance either to themselves, a fellow police officer or a member of the public that has been exposed to fentanyl or has potentially overdosed," Keane said.

In other jurisdictions, the push to equip officers with the overdose-reversal drug has highlighted a gap in officers' basic first aid knowledge.

Keane says that's not the case in London. He said all officers received naloxone training as part of their regular first aid recertification in the past year, and that they also did a second online refresher course about naloxone once the kits were issued.

"As long as there's such an increase in fentanyl related overdoses then police will keep administering naloxone when required," he said.