Kidnapping, sexual assault at Oxford and Richmond prompts search for more victims

A London man is facing sexual assault and kidnapping charges after a woman was forced into a car at Richmond and Oxford streets and sexually assaulted.

Police have released a description of the man charged in the interest of public safety

(Bernard Graham/CBC)

A London man is facing sexual assault and kidnapping charges after a woman was pulled into a car at Oxford and Richmond streets Sunday night and sexually assaulted. 

Police arrested the man and have also released a description of him because they say it's possible there may be other victims. 

A 19-year-old woman was walking west on Oxford Street from Richmond Street when a man in a vehicle drove up beside her. 

The driver tried to get the woman to get into the car with him, but she repeatedly told him that she didn't need a ride. 

The man then stopped, got out of the vehicle, grabbed her by the arm and walked her into the front seat of the car. 

He started driving and sexually assaulted the victim while the car was in motion, police say. 

He then dropped off the woman at the intersection of Wharncliffe Road and Oxford Street. 

Police believe there may be other victims. They describe the man as a 28-year-old East Indian man, about 200 pounds and five feet eight inches tall. He has short black hair, a full beard and brown eyes. 

He drives a 2005 Pontiac four-door grey sedan, with licence plate CBVP 853. 

The man was arrested yesterday, appeared in court and is charged with sexual assault and kidnapping. He is expected to appear in court on May 8. 

Anyone with information about this incident or others like it is asked to call London police at 519-661-5670.