Spanking, twerking and kissing prompts Uber investigation

Uber officials are investigating two separate incidents allegedly involving male drivers and female passengers in London, Ont.

The videos appeared on 6ixbuzz, an Instagram page that has more than 750,000 followers

Uber investigation

CBC News London

3 years ago
Uber investigating two alleged incidents involving inappropriate behaviour 0:32

Uber officials are investigating two alleged incidents involving male drivers and female passengers in London, Ont.

The separate incidents were captured on video and posted to 6ixbuzz, an Instagram page that has more than 750,000 followers. The page is popular with users in Ontario, specifically the Toronto area.

One video, posted last week, showed an alleged Uber driver and a female passenger dancing and singing. The driver reached behind him to the back seat and spanked the passenger who had turned around to shake her hips at the man.

This video screenshot has been altered. The video has since been removed by 6ixbuzz. (6ixbuzz/Instagram)

That video was removed by the user this week after Uber launched its investigation. 

In another video, posted in October, a female in the passenger seat leaned over to an alleged Uber driver, who was visibly smiling, to kiss him on the lips.

Both alleged incidents are believed to have happened in London.

Each video was watched more than 300,000 times.

The CBC has posted the videos but has blurred out the faces of the individuals and not used the audio.

The circumstances around the actions seen in the videos remain unclear. However, Uber officials said "we take any report of this nature very seriously."

"Anytime something like this is reported to us or if we become aware of videos such as this. We have a support team that will investigate and look further," said spokesperson Kayla Whaling for the popular ride-hailing service. She was made aware of the content after being contacted by CBC News.

She said "unacceptable" behaviour is not tolerated on the app. 

CBC was unable to confirm the identities of all individuals in the videos.

'No sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what'

CBC was able to contact some of the women involved and learned, in one instance, the women in the vehicle were intoxicated and didn't think much of the interaction. 

This video screenshot has been altered. The video was posted to Instagram on October 12, 2018. (6ixbuzz/Instagram)

"Regardless of the intent of the video, if we believe that there was a violation of our code of conduct, we will look into that specific situation and take action," said Whaling.

Generally, riders and drivers could have their accounts permanently deactivated.

According to the company's community guidelines, "Uber has a no-sex rule. That's no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what." 

The guidelines suggest both riders and drivers should:

  • Not comment on someone's appearance
  • Ask whether the other party is single
  • Not touch or flirt with other people in the car

Riders and drivers could be subject to an investigation if they make inappropriate gestures that are "aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful."

Whaling said the company has an internal law enforcement team that consists of individuals who have prior experience with policing. She said the team could also work with local authorities, depending on the case.

It's not known how long Uber's investigation will take.

London police officials said they investigate incidents involving acts that are possibly criminal in nature.