London's 10 most-read stories of 2021

Here are the 10 most-read stories published on the CBC London website for 2021. Feel free to explore them all.

The virus and the senseless murder of a Muslim family dominated local news this year

Western University students stand in line waiting for COVID-19 vaccines at a clinic located within the school's Graphics Services building in December 2021. The year was dominated by headlines about the virus as the pandemic raged on. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Here are the 10 most-read stories published on the CBC London website for 2020. Feel free to explore them all. 

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10. 2 London hospital VPs leaving effective immediately

London hospital executive vice presidents Susan Nickle and Neil Johnson are leaving the London Health Sciences Centre, effective immediately. (Photos from LinkedIn)

The sudden departures of two high-ranking executives at southwestern Ontario's largest hospital came about five months after the organization's CEO was sacked for travelling to the United States during the pandemic. Read the full story here

9. Charges to be laid after 'one of the largest services' held at Aylmer, Ont. church on Sunday

Independent MPP Randy Hillier, MP Derek Sloan and London nurse Kristen Nagle, all known for their stance against the province's COVID-19 measures, were among those seen at the Church of God at Aylmer, Ont. during Sunday service. (The Church of God at Aylmer/Facebook)

As the coronavirus raged, an outspoken Aylmer, Ont., church group defied restrictions by not only holding in-person services without masks, but also by inviting a few special guests, all of them critics of Ontario's pandemic response. Read the full story here

8. London man saves family of 4 'all drowning simultaneously' at Ontario beach

Bronson Deagle, pictured here with wife Nicole Deagle and daughters Adalia Deagle, 6, and Novalee Deagle, 3, were at the Grand Bend South Beach on Saturday, July 31, when he found himself rescuing four people from drowning at the same time. (Submitted by Nicole Deagle)

Londoner Bronson Deagle was at a Grand Bend, Ont., beach with his wife and two daughters, when he noticed someone was in trouble. Read the full story here

7. Group of Ontario police officers launches charter challenge of pandemic restrictions

A screenshot from a replay of a April 30 virtual news conference where lawyer Rocco Galati (left) and police officers Chris Vandenbos and Julie Evans (centre left to right) take questions. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

A group of 19 Ontario police officers launched a constitutional challenge in May, claiming that enforcing pandemic health restrictions put them at odds with their sworn oath to uphold the charter. Read the full story here

6. Regulator investigating 2 Ont. nurses who travelled to D.C. rally promoting 'COVID fraud' conspiracy

Kristen Nagle and Sarah Choujounian-Abulu (first and second on the left) are seen here with other members of Global Frontline Nurses in this Instagram photo from January 2021. (Sarah Choujounian/Instagram)

Despite health directives advising Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel, two Ontario nurses traveled to Washington DC to attend a rally by a group of their peers promoting conspiracy theories about "COVID fraud." Read the full story here.

5. Ontario teen who died with COVID-19 was refugee who worked as long-term care home cleaner

Yassin Dabeh, 19, worked as a cleaner at a long-term care home in the London-area. (Submitted by Mohamad Fakih)

When Yassin Dabeh, a 19-year-old cleaner at a long-term care home outside London, Ont., contracted COVID-19 and died, he became the youngest person to lose his life to the virus at the time. Read the full story here

4. Not everyone happy as Hot Dog Guy says goodbye to east-end Canadian Tire

After 24 years dealing hot dogs from a stand outside the Canadian Tire in east London, David Jafray, a.k.a The Hot Dog Guy, is closing up his stand. He was unable to negotiate a new lease agreement with the store's owners. (Andrew Lupton/CBC)

After 24 years of slinging sausages to hungry customers, London, Ont. Canadian Tire hot dog stand owner David Jafray was forced to move on after he said he couldn't reach a deal with the retail store's new owner. Read the full story here

3. Western University student denied tenancy by landlord who said her tattoos were 'scary'

Kadince Ball signed a lease for an apartment in London before arriving from Saskatchewan for her first year at Western University. When she met the landlord in person for the first time, the landlord said she wouldn't rent to her. (Andrew Lupton/CBC)

Kadince Ball, a first-year Western University student who arrived in London, Ont., from Saskatchewan, had a rental agreement cancelled last minute by a landlord who said she didn't like her tattoos because they were 'scary.' Read the full story, here

2. Canadian Olympic gold medallist now struggling to breathe after contracting COVID-19

Olympic gold medalist Alex Kopacz is in a London, Ont. hospital after contracting COVID-19. The bobsleigh champion has fits of uncontrollable coughing and said he was scared before he was hooked up to oxygen. He wants people to know that COVID is no joke. (Skype)

Olympic champion bobsledder Alex Kopacz of London, Ont. shared his fears with CBC News after catching a debilitating case of COVID-19 back in April. Read the full story here

1. Muslim family killed in 'premeditated' hit and run in London, Ont., driver charged with murder, police say

A couple pays their respects at a makeshift memorial in London, Ont., on Monday, where, the night before, four family members were killed in a hit and run, which police say was planned. (Colin Butler/CBC)

Fear and mourning gripped the nation after shocking attack on a Muslim family of five who were run down while out for an evening stroll in a normally quiet suburb in London, Ont. Read the full story here.