London man stuck in Mexico hospital on his way back to Ontario

A 71-year-old London man that was stuck in a Mexico hospital in critical condition is on his way home to receive health care in Ontario.

Stuart Cline is scheduled to arrive at a St Catharines hospital at 2:45 a.m. on Thursday

Londoner Stuart Cline, 71, is scheduled to receive health care in Ontario after being stranded in a Mexico hospital. (Submitted by Alejandra Cline)

A 71-year-old London man stuck in a Mexico hospital in critical condition is on his way home to receive health care in Ontario.

Stuart Cline suffered an aneurysm after he fell and hit his head about a week ago in Puerto Vallarta. He had been staying in an intensive care unit at a Mexican hospital ever since.

His daughter-in-law Alejandra Cline confirmed to CBC News on Wednesday that the family was picked up via air ambulance to be transported to a St Catharines hospital where they're scheduled to arrive on Thursday at 2:45 a.m.

"I feel relieved … I know he's going to be home soon and he really needs this as all Canadians deserve," she said.

The patient's insurance company RBC Travel also confirmed to CBC News that all travel costs would be covered. 

The news comes after the family was told by the company that there were no beds available at any London hospitals. 

'There is capacity'

NDP MPP Peggy Sattler questions the Liberal government about Stuart Cline, who's stuck in intensive care inside a Mexican hospital after an aneurysm and can't return home because of a lack of hospital beds in London, Ont. 5:19

London West New Democrat MPP Peggy Sattler rose at Queen's Park Wednesday to ask whether the Liberal government would help the Clines find a hospital bed for their ailing relative. 

Health Minister Helena Jaczek said in the legislature that it was the insurer's job to find a space for their clients in the province.

"There is capacity here in Ontario," she said. "It is the [insurer's] responsibility to work with Ontario's system of hospitals. It's not just a matter of calling one single hospital to find the appropriate capacity," she said. 

Kiara Famularo, a spokeswoman for RBC Travel Insurance said that her company called multiple hospitals in London, St Catherines and Niagara Falls in order to find the patient a bed. 

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