Watch what it takes to install 29,000 pounds of glass

Workers dangled five 5,800 pound panes of glass from a crane Tuesday as they installed the massive sheets of glass as part of an ambitious $3.5 million renovation project at Museum London.

The two-storey windows will be the centre piece of Museum London's $3.5-million renovation

A six-man work crew installs just one of the five panes of glass that will form Museum London's new two-storey tall window overlooking the Thames River. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Workers dangled five 5,800-pound panes of glass from a crane Tuesday as they installed the massive sheets of glass as part of an ambitious $3.5-million renovation project at Museum London. 

The installation took most of Tuesday morning and lasted into the afternoon as workers gently raised the two-storey panes of glass one-by-one into the air before attaching them to a steel structure at the back of the building. 

CBC News filmed the installation and sped up the footage 6.5 times:

Workers install massive 5,800 lb pane of glass at Museum London 2:06

Panoramic view of the Thames

The glass will form a 890-square-foot window as the centrepiece of the Centre at the Forks project and promises to give museum patrons a panoramic view of where the North Thames River joins the Thames River to form a single waterway. 

"What we're trying to do visually is show that we're becoming far more concentrated on this city and opening up to the city," Museum London spokesman Matthew Thomas told CBC News Tuesday. 

"Visitors will be able to view from our foyer straight through the museum to the forks of the Thames," he said. 

Thomas said that in the evening the window will be used as a canvas for video artists to project their work at night, where drivers crossing the river on the Dundas Street bridge will be able to see the art as they make their way into the city's downtown core. 

The glass was custom made in Collingwood, Ont.,each weighs about 5,800 pounds and costs tens of thousands of dollars. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

All told the renovation will cost about $3.5 million, which Museum London is seeking through donations from the federal government and various other corporate and community sponsors. 

Fundraising is still ongoing and the museum said it has reached 63 per cent of its goal. 

Construction is expected to last throughout the winter, with the Centre at the Forks scheduled to open to the public in spring of 2018. 

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