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Here's how London's Junos stack up, in numbers

In honour of the 48th instalment of the awards that pay tribute to the best and brightest in Canadian music, here are a number of numbers about the Junos.

A roundup of all the arithmetic on the 48th edition of the awards show

London, Ont. rolled out the red carpet for Canadian music royalty as the host city for the 48th edition of the Juno Awards. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Juno week in London is the 48th installment of the awards that honour the best and brightest in Canadian music, but it wasn't always called the Junos. 

In 1971, what were once known as the Gold Leaf Awards were renamed the Junos in honour of Pierre Juneau, a cultural nationalist.

He was at the helm of the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the 1960s, the Minister of Communications in the 1970s and the president of CBC-Radio Canada in the 1980s. Juneau even won a Juno in 1971 as the Canadian music industry's "man of the year." 

The show has come a long way since then. Here's some numbers to put it in perspective.

The Reklaws, seen here performing at a live broadcast of CBC Radio One's 'Fresh Air,' were among a number of artists who took to the stage during Junos week. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Number of years running: 48

The year the Junos became the Junos: 1975 (originally called the Gold Leaf awards)

The year the Junos never happened: 1988 

Most frequent host city: Toronto (the city has hosted the Junos 24 times)

Second most frequent host city: Hamilton (the city has hosted the Junos six times)

Jim Cuddy, of Blue Rodeo, dances with Natalie Spooner, of the Canadian women's national hockey team during skills competition at the Juno Cup celebrity hockey game in London Ontario, Friday. The musicians won 7-5. (Geoff Robins/Canadian Press)

Number of Juno week events: 18

Score of Friday night's Juno Cup match: 7-5 (the musicians won)

Number of times the musicians have actually won: twice

How much the city expects to make: $12 million (that's the generally accepted number for Juno host cities)


Number of Juno categories: 44

Number of Juno nominees: 187

London Mayor Ed Holder (left) holds a Juno Award statuette with CARAS CEO and President Allan Reid (centre) and former London Mayor Matt Brown (right). (Colin Butler/CBC News)

Most Juno nominations: 70 (held by Céline Dion)

Most Junos won: 24 (held by Anne Murray)

Number of times the Juno award statuette has been redesigned: 8

The big, shiny Sunday awards show

Length of show: two hours

Number of seats at Budweiser Gardens: 9,100

Media photograph the set for Sunday's Juno Awards during a press preview at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ont. (Geoff Robins/Canadian Press)

Number of seat fillers hired for the awards show: 400

Number of applications received to be seat fillers at awards show: 1,200

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