Delivery truck took a wrong turn into Lake Huron, say Goderich residents

Goderich residents woke up on Wednesday to a delivery truck submerged under water near the Maitland Marina.

Residents saw photos of the oddity posted online to a community Facebook group

Residents say a delivery truck ended up in the water on Wednesday. (Donald Jeffrey)

It wasn't Goderich's scenic waterfront that caught the attention of people Wednesday morning, but rather what was in the water.

Some residents couldn't help but stop to look at a submerged delivery truck that ended up windows deep in the boat launch off of North Harbour Road West.

Retiree Don Jeffrey got a call from friends who work at the nearby salt mine to check out the oddity.

Residents say the driver was able to escape safely. (Donald Jeffrey)

He didn't hesitate and arrived shortly after 6 a.m. to snap photos for his community Facebook group with about 4,000 followers.

"Everybody that saw the pictures laughed, it's funny but it's not funny if it was you that went in the water. It would hurt your ego," he said jokingly. "I never heard of it happening before," he added.

Some of the comments include:

"Easy to do at night if not familiar with the area. Certainly would have been a shocker!"

"I was wondering what was going on over there this morning. Thank god everyone is okay."

"Probably followed [the] GPS right into the river."

Resident Don Jeffrey says there's a "Y" in the road where the incident took place. (Donald Jeffrey )

Jeffrey said the driver was able to escape safely.

He's unsure what exactly happened but he noted that there is a "Y" in the road that may be unfamiliar to those new to the community.

CBC News has reached out to Cardinal Couriers and Huron County OPP for comment.