Neighbour describes hearing 'loud explosion' at London house fire

Firefighters battled flames at a house fire in northwest London on Leyton Crescent early this afternoon.

No one was hurt in the fire, officials say

Firefighters are on the scene in a residential neighbourhood in London's northwest where a house caught fire Wednesday morning.

No injuries have been reported but there was significant damage to the home. 

"We heard a loud explosion first," said Carolyn Weber whose home backs on to the one that caught fire. 

"I think what was most startling was the orange through the green," said Weber, who recalls "little pops" that sounded like drips of water from inside her home.

Weber ran outside in her bare feet to check on her neighbours while her husband called 911.

Carolyn Weber lives behind the home that caught fire. (Colin Butler/CBC)

"The fire was intense immediately and the smoke was really black," she told CBC News.

Weber and other neighbours started to yell at the man inside the home to make sure he was safe. 

"We were yelling at him to come out of his house," she said, adding that the man seemed "really dazed" as he made his way out of the home.

A house fire in northwest London caused major damage to a home on Leyton Crescent on Wednesday. (Colin Butler/CBC)

After Weber made sure no one else was inside the home, her attention turned to a neighbouring home.

"The fence and the gazebo and everything was really up in flames, and so it was moving to the one side," said Weber, adding that the fire was moving fast. 

The vinyl siding appeared to have started to melt on the house next to the one that caught fire. 

The cause of the fire has not been determined. 

Firefighters battle a blaze on Leyton Crescent in the city's northwest. (Colin Butler/CBC News)