How will they all fit? 25 Fanshawe colleagues to share Dream Home prize

'You've made 25 of us insanely happy,' winner of grand prize home says when she found out about the prize.

Group of friends have yet to decide how they'll share the prize worth $1 million

Former and current Fanshawe College staffers won the Dream Lottery Thursday morning. (Supplied photo)

The dream home in Byron is big and swanky, but it might not be big enough to hold 25 families. 

But how the 25 winners, former and current employees at Fanshawe College, will split either the home, or the $1 million prize, hasn't been determined yet. 

"We were joking that we would all move in and we could do a reality show," joked Karen Kloibhofer, who purchased the winning ticket on behalf of her colleagues. 

"At this point, we said we won't make a decision until we let it all settle in. But probably we're going to sell the house and take the cash." 

It's the first time a group has won the lottery's top prize — a choice between a dream home overlooking Bolder Mountain, complete with an indoor basketball court, a dream home backing onto London's Highland Country Club or $1 million in cash. 

Christine Zimmerman had just finished teaching a course at Fanshawe when her manager came in and told her to check her email. 

"I couldn't believe it," she said. "I really believe in supporting the hospital, it's so vital to helping everyone," Zimmerman said from the dream home. She'd been purchasing tickets for the lottery for 15 years. 

The Dream Lottery raises money for the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation, London Health Sciences Foundation and Children's Health Foundation. 
Left to right: Vasile Canuca of Millstone Homes, 50/50 winner Mark Stekar and his wife Anna, and London Health Sciences Foundation President and CEO John MacFarlane after the win. (Supplied photo)

The winner of the 50/50 draw was also revealed Thursday morning. 

Mark Stekar of Kilworth will pocket half of the $960,690 prize pool, the largest in the lottery's history.