WATCH: Family covers Bieber's Yummy with COVID-19 lyrics

It took hours of practice but the cover of Justin Bieber's hit Yummy is tight and re-imagines the lyrics in the time of COVID-19.

Alexandra Kane and her family are music teachers jamming their way through self-isolation

Alexandra Kane (right), her brother, Jordan Kane and his fiancee Mwansa Mwansa, jam in Kane's living room, doing a cover of Justin Bieber's Yummy. (Supplied by Alexandra Kane)

Alexandra Kane is a music teacher in London, Ont., who suddenly has a lot of time on her hands. 

So do her brother and his fiancee, also music teachers. 

The three got together and recorded a cover of Justin Bieber's hit song Yummy, but with distinctly different lyrics. 

"Don't go get the COVID-19," the two women sing while Jordan Kane plays the keyboard and beat-boxes.  

The family has always been musical, Kane told CBC's Afternoon Drive. 

"This is what we know how to do," she said. "We're all music teachers and because we're at home now, all we have to do is sing and jam." 

Kane runs AK Arts Academy in London, Ont., a music, dance and drama school. 

Passion project

"I always tell my students that they should never go out on stage without knowing the lyrics, so we practiced and practiced and by the time we sat down to record it was midnight," Kane said. 

"I was in my pyjamas, my brother's fiancee said she looked like a hot mess, but we did it." 

A combination of boredom and missing making music got the three to get together to re-imagine Bieber's hit, who they admire, Kane said. 

"It's a bit of a closet situation," Kane laughed. "He's really great with vocals and he uses outside-of-the-ordinary pop chord structure, so there's a lot to appreciate there." 

The time in isolation is a chance to reconnect with music, Kane said. 

"I've always wanted to do a cover because it's fun to do but as a small business owner, I don't have the time to do these projects," she said. "This is forced, it's a 'take a breath, do what you love, because you have nothing else to do.'" 

As of yet, Bieber has not commented on the family's video.