Six pictures: What will BRT look like in your neighbourhood?

What bus rapid transit stops and lanes might look like was revealed by Bus Rapid Transit officials this week, ahead of planned open houses.

The latest plans for how Bus Rapid Transit could fit into neighbourhoods were released this week

An overview map of London's Bus Rapid Transit network (Supplied photo)

Bus Rapid Transit officials have revealed plans of stops and lanes ahead of public open houses. 

The photos show bus rapid transit lanes, in red, running down the middle of some existing roads, and running curbside along others.

Here are the six key areas of the city for which drawings were provided: 

King Street and Wellington Road 

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes on King Street and Wellington streets. (Supplied photo)

King Street and Talbot Street

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes on King and Talbot streets. (Supplied photo)

Riverside Drive

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes on Riverside Drive, looking east across the Thames River to downtown. (Supplied photo)

Wellington and Commissioners

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes on Wellington Road at Commissioners Road. (Shift BRT)

​Wellington Road and Bradley Avenue

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes at Wellington Raoad south of Bradley Avenue. (Supplied photo )

Oxford Street West and Wonderland Road

Proposed Bus Rapid Transit lanes on Oxford Street and Wonderland Road. (Supplied photo)


Kate Dubinski


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