London's hometown gold medallist is throwing a party. You're invited!

A community party is planned for Alex Kopacz, London's two-man bobsleigh gold medalist - and you're invited.

The gold medalist in two-man bobsleigh is hosting a community party this Friday

Justin Kripps, left, and Alex Kopacz marvelled at their unlikely tie for the gold medal with a German team. (Lars Baron/Getty Images)

A community party is planned for Alex Kopacz, London's two-man bobsleigh gold medalist, and he hopes you'll come.

Kopacz will be there, and he's bringing the ultimate bling — his gold medal from Pyeongchang. 

Five years ago, Kopacz, 28, was competing in shotput for Western University. 

In February, he competed in his first Olympics, teamed up with Jason Kripps, tieing Germany for the gold. 

But he's happy to be home. 

"I'm getting spoiled a lot. Maybe too much. Mom is doing a lot of baking," Kopacz told CBC's London Morning on Thursday.
Alex Kopacz is back home in London, Ont., and ready to relax. (Jennifer Hall/CBC News)

Leading up to the Olympic competition, Kopacz focused on stress management. Before the gold-medal race, a two-day event, he woke up in a sweat, his body preparing for the physical feat of racing down the bobsleigh track at speeds exceeding 120 km an hour. 

It took 16.86 seconds to tie for gold. 

"My coaches said, 'you're ready. You look good. Make it, do it faster. It was that simple. That's what I needed to do," Kopacz said. 

London, home sweet home

Since being back in London, he's been visiting schools, sharing his story. 

"I really want to expose the younger generation to this, to use my voice and push some of these kids in the right direction, maybe they won't make some of the mistakes I made," Kopacz said. 

He's also been letting loose, taking in some bungee jumping. 

"It's paramount for people who are doing any kind of high performance job or activity to decompress a little bit and take some time to take care of the soul, have some fun, see the family," Kopacz said. 

Kopacz said he hopes to ease back into training and focus on keeping the body as healthy as possible — just as soon as his mom is done nurturing him with comfort food. 

The Coming Home Celebration for Kopacz takes place his Friday, April 27 between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Polish Combatants Association banquet hall, located at 80 Ann St.