London Ont.'s historic neighbourhoods to be filled with music this Saturday

This Saturday will bring a day of free, live outdoor music in two of London, Ont.’s most historic neighbourhoods.

A porch concert series will allow Londoners to safely enjoy live performances

Pictured performing in June, Laika Berdey kicks off this month's porch concert series in London's Woodfield and Piccadilly neighbourhoods. (Provided by Georgia March)

This Saturday will bring a day of free, live outdoor music in two of London, Ont.'s most historic neighbourhoods. 

A new porch concert series in the Woodfield and Piccadilly areas features laidback acoustic guitar music, familiar pub-tunes, eclectic jazz, blues, and original songs performed by local talents. Music-lovers are invited to bring snacks, drinks and foldout chairs. 

"As we got out of lockdown, I was thinking that it was really important to get music into our community again because we don't have the festivals that we normally have," said organizer and musician Georgia March. "And it's really important for people to have music. I just feel that it's so good for their mental health and their well-being." 

David Simpson and Georgia March will deliver an eclectic mix of jazz and blues. (Provided by Georgia March)

Porch concert series like this have been held in Woodfield in the past. March said she was driven to fill a void after the larger series ended several years ago, and first started organizing porch concerts in June. 

Eric Savory, one of the musicians who will perform on Saturday, has previously hosted concerts on his own porch. 

"It's a great opportunity to go around a nice neighborhood in town and spend some pleasant time sitting, hopefully in the sunshine, to listen to a range of different types of music, to get together with people," Savory said of this upcoming weekend. "Music has never gone away from the city, even during the pandemic. And it's an opportunity for people to come out and see that." 

Live music is a welcome change

The new Woodfield and Picadilly concert series enables audiences to enjoy music while still observing the COVID-19 safety guidelines of wearing masks and distancing.

The tunes also provide mental health advantages for those reeling from recent events. 

"Music has such wonderful benefits for the mind, the body," said March. "And during this particular time, we just haven't had enough music out there other than online and online isn't an option for everybody. It's quite different to be in the actual vibration of music when it's happening." 

Eric Savory performs on his porch last summer. (Provided by Eric Savory)

Saturday's lineup begins at 12:15 p.m. with indie artist Laika Berdey. 

Later on comes Chris Schramek and Eric Savory. March will be performing too, alongside David Simpson. 

Musicians wanted for upcoming Play Music on Porch Day

March is open to adding more performers from the area to the roster, for both Saturday and in an additional series scheduled for August 28, also known as International Play Music on the Porch Day. 

"My vision is to see the whole of this area, and London maybe, covered in porch concerts, especially on August 28. That's International Porch Concert Day," said March. "So that would be extremely exciting to have music going all over the city." 

March has posted the full scheduled lineup, addresses, and contact information on Facebook's Old East Village Community page.