Attorney General says marijuana survey will carry 'lots of weight'

Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi is looking for input on how to keep marijuana away from youth, and to keep Ontario roads safe.

Ontario looking for public input

The provincial government wants your input into what cannabis legalization should look like. It's posted a survey at until July 31. (Blair Gable/Reuters)

The provincial government wants Ontarians to fill out an online survey about marijuana.

It will be used to develop a regulatory framework on how marijuana will be distributed and sold in the province.

"[The survey will carry] lots of weight," said Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, in conversation with Afternoon Drive host Chris dela Torre.

"We're working on fairly tight timelines, but Ontario is working to develop this balanced regulatory framework. It's important from our perspective to hear directly from Ontarians."

The federal government introduced the Cannabis Act this past April, which, if passed, will legalize marijuana across Canada by next July. The federal plans call on provinces and territories to establish a framework to regulate the distribution, sale and consumption of cannabis.

Keeping pot away from youth, drivers

Naqvi says part of the focus of the survey is about finding a way to keep marijuana out of the hands of minors, and keep Ontarians from using marijuana while driving.

 "As an Ontarian, and as a parent, my focus is around how we protect our youth and the vulnerable," Naqvi said.

"I think public education and awareness is an important element, so people understand what harms may be associated with it. And lastly, road safety is important -- to make sure that our roads remain the safest in North America."

In addition to the survey, the Ontario government will also hosting a series of forums with and engagement sessions later this summer.

The government plans to consult with public health experts, youth advocacy, Indigenous communities, and licensed cannabis growers, among others. 

To participate in the survey, visit before July 31.