London launches tip line to report COVID-19 violations

The City of London has set up a dedicated email address and phone line for residents to report businesses and individuals who they believe are violating COVID-19 orders.

Residents can now report businesses and individuals who are violating COVID-19 orders

The City of London has set up an email and phone line to report those in violation of COVID-19 orders. (Travis Dolynny/CBC)

Do you know a business or individual not following COVID-19 orders?

Now you can report them.

The City of London has set up a dedicated email address that will be monitored 24/7, along with a phone line that will be answered between 8:30 a.m and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The initiative is in collaboration with London Police and the Middlesex London Health Unit (MLHU).

It was started after a number of agencies started receiving reports about businesses and people violating provincial orders. The city says the single point of contact will help ease demands on emergency dispatchers and the MLHU.

"Everyone has the responsibility to follow all of the orders that have been issued by governments, and to take every precaution possible to slow the spread of COVID-19," said Dave O'Brien, the city's manager of corporate security and emergency management in a statement.

"Despite every effort to reinforce the importance of social and physical distancing, we continue to see people who aren't paying attention."

O'Brien says that when we they receive a call or email, they'll work with police and health officials to enforce the restrictions that have been put in place.

London police chief Steve Williams is urging residents to use the service to keep those calls off emergency lines.

"This will ensure that our 9-1-1 lines are free for emergencies," said Williams in a statement.

The email is and the phone number is 519-661-4660.