London journalist paints portraits of artists he's interviewed

Alex Leonard has painted 45 portraits of musicians he's interviewed in London and Montreal.

Comic book style combined with quotes

London artist Alex Leonard also worked as a music journalist in Montreal, where he interviewed many of the musicians he's painted. (Chris dela Torre)

Music journalist by day, visual artist by night, and a diehard electronic music fan 24/7.

For 22-year-old Londoner Alex Leonard, his latest project brings together all of his passions.

He's painted forty-five portraits of artists he's interviewed or met in London and in Montreal, where he lived for several years.

The paintings, often bright and in a comic book style, also incorporate a quote from the artist during their interviews with Leonard.

And in most cases, Leonard was able to bring the portrait back to the artist for them to sign.

"I want to personalize all of these artists," said Leonard of his work. "It's for someone to come in from the public and see a view of the electronic music industry right now. But it's also a humbling view, because these expressions and quotes are actually written by the artists themselves."

Leonard spoke to Chris dela Torre on CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive. Listen to the full interview HERE.

Leonard's portraits are on display at the Masonville Public Library's Sifton Exhibit Room from August 9th to 31st.