3 Londoners tell their concussion stories

Three Londoners describe their experiences with concussions and how it's affected their lives.

Three Londoners explain how they got their concussions and how they've affected their lives

(Left to right) Christopher Mackie, Erin Schned, Jared Zaifman, all Londoners who have suffered concussions. (Kate Dubinski,)

Jared Zaifman

Occupation: City councillor

How it happened: "I was on vacation in Austin, Texas," he said. "One night I was coming home after dinner and got into the taxi a little too quickly. I just jumped into the car because it was raining, I was trying to avoid a puddle and smacked my head on the metal frame of the door." 

First realization something was wrong: "Woke up the next morning feeling naseaus, unstable, I couldn't really get my balance," he said. "About three hours later I was trying to drive on the highway and I had to give the wheel up because I just couldn't stay awake anymore." 

Recovery time: Five months off work, he still hasn't returned full-time.

Jared Zaifman

5 years ago
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Jared Zaifman talks about how a concussion has affected his life.

Erin Schned

Occupation: Teacher

How it happened:  "I was in a car accident," she said. "I was fully stopped at a set of lights and somebody rear-ended me." 

First realization something was wrong: "The next day when I was driving into work. Every bump I went over I got a pretty severe pain in my head. I got to work and I had to have a colleague help me. I wasn't even functioning at work. Luckily I have colleagues and staff who identified it pretty quickly," she said. "I was off work from then." 

Recovery time: Seven months off work, she still experiences concussion symptoms two and a half years later.

Erin Schned

5 years ago
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Erin Schned tells us how a concussion has affected her life.

Chris Mackie

Occupation: Medical officer of health, Middlesex-London Health Unit

How it happened: "My first concussion happened eight or nine years ago, I was playing sports," he said. "Ultimate Frisbee, I got taken out at the legs, came down on the back of my head." Mackie said his symptoms lasted a couple months after that, but didn't experience any problems until he got another bump on the head earlier this year. "Just this January I was playing squash," he said. "I took a dive and saw some stars after that, didn't make much of it."

First realization something was wrong: Mackie said he didn't know he had a concussion until he went to Boler Mountain to ski later that evening. "For no good reason I ended up running in ski boots, which was really jarring at the time and then that evening I was just completely deflated, just like my first concussion." 

Recovery time:  Off for five months, still only works part-time. 

Chris Mackie

5 years ago
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Chris Mackie talks about how his second concussion has affected his life.