Who's London's best music teacher? You told us about so many

When we asked you on London Morning who is most deserving of an award for best music teacher, you chimed in loudly

We can't award a Juno but we have created a special CBC London 'Youknow' Award for Best Music teacher

The school community at Mountsfield Public School in London wanted everyone to know Mrs. Pincombe rocks! (Submitted)

When we asked you on London Morning who is most deserving of an award for best music teacher, you chimed in loudly.

We got hundreds of emails from across the London region. Young people picked up the phone! Parents, teachers and adults rediscovering music all weighed in. Did we mention the video messages? 

Mr. McNall

Mr. McNall from Lockes Public School in St Thomas got enthusiastic praise from students and parents (Submitted: Melanie Lavery)
His passion for the musical arts is more 'catchy' then a number 1 hit!- Melanie Lavery

Mrs. Stern

Mrs. Stern from Little Falls Public School has a lot of supporters! (Submitted: Kendra Martin)
Mrs. Stern is more than a music teacher, she is my daughters inspiration.- Jennifer Mollet

Mrs. Kennedy

The school community at J.P. Robarts couldn't say enough about the extra-curricular work Mrs. Kennedy does with students, including running the JP Rock Band. (Submitted)
We could write a book on why Mrs. Kennedy should get this recognition, but I have to get back to work!- John Dreliozis

Ms. Kendell

Ms. Lydia Kendell's students from Wilfred Laurier Secondary School in London say she's inspired them to study music at university. (Submitted )
This woman is not only the greatest teacher I've ever had but became an amazing, lifelong friend.- Grace Chretien

And the 'YouKnow" winner goes to ... 

To celebrate your picks, we've created the "YouKnow" Award for Best Music Teacher. Because, you know best! (Amanda Margison/ CBC News)

While we think everyone deserves a trophy (and picking one person was too hard), we narrowed it down to two winners of the first-ever YouKnow award! 

Mr. Gordon, 'YouKnow' Award Winner 2019

Mr. Tim Gordon from Central Elgin Collegiate Institue in St. Thomas is one of the recipients of the first-ever CBC London 'Youknow' Award for Best Music Teacher (Submitted)

Mr. Tim Gordon had by far the most entires from students at Central Elgin Collegiate Institute in St. Thomas. The stack of emails was thick and the calls kept coming, even after the deadline closed. We were impressed that students from all grades took the time to write and call to support this teacher.   

How do his students describe him? They say he's given them "so many" musical opportunities. The school production of Little Shop of Horrors was a clear favourite. One student called him the most supportive person, second only to mum and dad, in his entire high school career. Play a wrong note in class? No problem! "He will laugh it off and help solve the problem," wrote a student.

But what we heard over and over again about Mr. Gordon was echoed in this statement: "I don't know where I would be today without a music teacher, mentor and friend like Mr. Gordon." 

Mrs. Pincombe, 'YouKnow' Award Winner 2019

Mrs. Karen Pincombe is also a recipient of the first-ever CBC London 'Youknow' Award for Best Music Teacher (Submitted: Sarah Phillmore)

Mrs. Karen Pincombe got a big slice of the vote from parents, students and fellow teachers at Mountsfield Public School in London. Wow! They wrote essays and made lists in support of this longtime music teacher. 

What stood out to us was Mrs. Pincombe's extra curricular work teaching free music lessons to young people through the non-profit Arts 4 All Kids. It spoke to her dedication that even in her free time, she's coaching future musicians. She would know too! As a former member of Orchestra London, her students have top-notch instruction! 

How do students describe her? A group of grade 4 students made a list! 

  1. She is patient
  2. She is passionate about her work
  3. She teaches us recorders even though she doesn't enjoy it much
  4. She helps us learn new notes
  5. She is amazing and teaches us fun ways to learn music
  6. She does funny voices to help us learn
  7. She teaches us how to 'singer sit'
  8. She is beautiful at piano
  9. She is glorious
  10. She has a very strong singing voice
  11. She dresses nicely (has cool earrings!)