Lippy Londoners debate: Is London a bike friendly city?

We ask our weekly panel whether London is bike friendly or not?
(Lippy Londoners Panel: Savanah Sewell, Joe O'Neil, Becky Ellis (Amanda Margison/CBC))

The city of London is celebrating cycling this week.

It got us to thinking: Is London a bike friendly city? Or are cyclists a menace on the roads?

We gathered three people to debate the question.

Around the table were:

  • Savanah Sewell, who works part time at Fanshawe College. She also organizes community events.
  • Joe O'Neil, a funeral home director in London.
  • Becky Ellis, a mom, a Western PhD student, and an avid cyclist.

If you missed the debate on London Morning you can listen to it here.

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