Large gap found on balcony above the spot where child fell from building

A large gap has been identified on the balcony of one of the units above the memorial for the child who fell from the London building last Saturday.

Medallion Corporation would not confirm whether it's the unit where the child lived

A photo captured of the gap from street level. (James Chaarani/CBC)

A large gap has been identified on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building in east London above the spot where a young child fell last Saturday.

The child was pronounced dead in hospital.

The gap is between the handrail and the wall of the balcony at 400 Lyle Street where the incident occurred. 

The owner and manager of the building, Medallion Corporation, would not comment on the gap in the balcony or confirm whether it was the unit where the young child lived, citing a police investigation which is ongoing. 

Medallion Corporation would not confirm whether the unit with the large gap is where the young child lived. (James Chaarani/CBC)

Art Iomantonovich is a father who lives on the fourth floor of the neighbouring building facing the east side of 400 Lyle Street where the child fell. He left his home shortly before the incident. 

"I walked through the parking lot and was on my way to a store and got a call from my wife five minutes later saying that something horrible happened," he explains. "A child has fallen and so rushed back as fast as I can." 

"By the time I got back, the child has been carried out."

He noticed the gap in the balcony, getting a clear view from the unit. It's above the memorial that marks the spot where the child's body was found. 

In an email statement, Medallion Corporation said they are "complying with the City of London's order regarding balconies."

The city has posted a safety notice at the entrance of 400 Lyle Street indicating that "there are balcony guardrails that have openings greater than 100 mm," which doesn't comply with the Ontario building code.

Residents are prohibited from using their balconies, which has confused some as they haven't noticed a significant gap in the balcony of their units. 

Gaps are not consistent unit to unit.