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Kate Dubinski is a radio and digital reporter with CBC News in London, Ont. You can email her at kate.dubinski@cbc.ca.

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Ontario teen was on life-support after respiratory illness linked to vaping

An Ontario teenager was put on life support after using a vaping device in what public health officials say is the first reported case of illness linked to the practice in Canada.

Overnight fire damages Hamilton Road home

A fire overnight caused more than $200,000 damage to a home divided into three apartment units on Hamilton Road at Egerton Street.

Cell where inmate was beaten to death not checked for almost 1.5 hours: trial

The jury at the trial of a former jail guard accused of failing to help an inmate being beaten to death in his cell is being given a virtual tour of the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre. 

Child dies on first day of school in northeast London school

A northeast London school community is reeling after the death of a boy on the first day of school.

School board launches formal investigation into trustee Jake Skinner

Two months after a complaint was filed against a trustee by his colleague, the school board has launched a formal inquiry into whether Jake Skinner breached bylaws in his other role as co-owner of Blackridge Strategy.

OPP complaint a 'witch hunt,' Blackridge Strategy says

The Ontario Provincial Police is now involved in the ongoing municipal election controversy surrounding London PR firm Blackridge Strategy.

'Systemic vulnerabilities' let killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer keep on killing — report

Ontario must increase funding and staffing at the province’s nursing homes to help prevent future health-care serial killers from harming the most vulnerable, the final report into former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s crimes recommends.

How was a nurse able to kill 8 seniors over a decade? Answers could come today

The commission investigating the actions of serial killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer and how Ontario's long-term care home system failed to detect her eight murders over a decade will present its report Wednesday.

This new program at London's community housing sites is putting teens to work

A unique new program in London is putting teens who live in London and Middlesex Community Housing to work coaching little kids' baseball and cleaning up their neighbourhoods.

London's embattled provincial jail needs books for its inmate library

The library at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre is desperate for books and one London woman is hoping to help by collecting donations.

Southwestern Ontario Anglican diocese to allow same-sex marriages: Bishop

Linda Nicholls, the outgoing bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Huron, which stretches from Windsor to Manitoulin Island, tells CBC News she will allow parishes to apply to her to be allowed to perform same-sex marriages.

Is this your bike? How we stopped three thieves and found a bicycle

CBC London gets a front-row seat to all kinds of goings-on on Dundas Street, including bike thefts. Last week, we stopped three while they were happening, and ended up with a bike we hope to return to its rightful owner.

Contractors didn't properly train snowplow operators, report into London driver's death finds

The 26-year-old killed by a CN train while operating a snowplow for the City of London last year wasn't properly trained by the company that employed him, the Transportation Safety Board has found.

Remaining 8 Mexican men arrested in Old North have been removed from Canada

All 12 of the Mexican men who were arrested in London, Ont., after their soccer ball was kicked into a neighbour's backyard have been removed from Canada and sent home, CBC News has learned.

Researchers hoping small Purple Martin birds can offer up big answers

Researchers and bird lovers are trying to restore the population of Purple Martins, a type of swallow that is almost entirely reliant on humans for their living quarters and rapidly declining.