The women who inspire Londoners on International Women's Day

CBC Radio One's London Morning asked listeners what women have made a difference in their lives in celebration of International Women's Day.

Take a moment to learn about some of the women who have inspired, encouraged and spread kindness to Londoners.

What woman inspires you? That's the question London Morning asked listeners on International Women's Day.

In celebration of International Women's Day, CBC Radio One's London Morning asked listeners about the women who have made a difference in their lives.

The responses were too good not to share.

Debbie Cramer

Jasmine Ball

Submitted by Sam Hornby

Sam Hornby celebrates his wife Jasmine Ball after a decade of marriage. (Submitted by Sam Hornby)

After meeting my wife on exchange at school in England, I emigrated to Canada to be with her.

We started our family and grown up lives in Ottawa. When I had the chance to pursue my dream job in southwestern Ontario, my wife stayed in Ottawa to sell our first home, buy our first car, maintain her career all whilst cycling the 15km round trip twice a day to get our son to and from school.

We now live in London and have been a happy, quirky, married couple for 10 great years.

She educates me, challenges me, makes me laugh out loud and inspires me to be the best I can be for her, for me, and for our great little family. A big thank you for more than I can express to Jasmine Ball.

Sylke Hickey

Marie Curie

Marie Curie, one of the only people to ever win two Nobel Prizes, was an absolute genius compared to the best scientists in any field at any time in history and she was not granted acceptance into the French Academy of Sciences because she was a woman.

Suzanne Boivin 

Submitted by Zachary Matthews

Zachary Matthews with his memere Suzanne Boivin. (Submitted by Zachary Matthews)

I wanted to take the time to honour my Memere (Grandmother), Suzanne.

Memere was essential to the man I've become today. She taught me engagement, selflessness and thoughtfulness.

She is my step-grandmother, but she loved me as her blood regardless ever since the day I came through the door. Never a doubt I was part of the family. 

Olga Murray 

Submitted by Janice Drysdale

A selfie of Olga Murray with her granddaughter Janice Drysdale, who is remembering her grammie on International Women's Day

Grammie was a war bride at the age of 19 and left her life behind in England to follow her love to Canada.

My grandparents went on to have six kids, 19 grand kids and 30+ great grand kids. She was so very proud of each one of us, taking a special interest in what made us unique.

Unfortunately, she passed away in November of 2016 but I have so many treasured memories with her and she helped shape who I am today.

Cynthia Galloway

Patricia Birtwistle

​Submitted by Erin Birtwistle Griffiths

Patricia Birtwistle's daughter Erin remembers her mom's strength as one of the first female RCMP officers. (Submitted by Erin Birtwistle Griffiths)

One of the strongest women I have ever known was my mom. She was one of the first female RCMP officers to join the force, did body guard work for the Pope (when he was in Toronto) and went to India to investigate the bombing of Air India 182 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

My mom then fought a long, hard battle against Parkinson's for years, but sadly lost the battle in the end. 

Thank you mom for being so inspirational and for paving a path for ALL women to be whatever they want to be.

I love and miss you so much mom.