Look up London! Saturday is International Observe the Moon Night

The event runs from 5-9 p.m. on Saturday at the Hume Cronyn Observatory. Worldwide, the annual event encourages observation of the moon and its connection to NASA planetary science and exploration.

Western University's Hume Cronyn Observatory is hosting an event on Saturday, October 28

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It won't be a full moon on Saturday night.

But International Observe the Moon Night is still a great time to gaze up at our neighbour in space.

The moon will be in its first quarter, when it's easiest to look at.

Parshati Patel, outreach coordinator with Western University's Hume Cronyn Observatory, told CBC Radio's London Morning that viewing the moon during the first quarter offers the best view.

"When you look at the moon when it's full moon through the telescope, it's very very bright, so it's blinding to the eye, so it's easier to look at the moon and its features when it's in the first quarter," Patel said, adding only half the moon will be available.

"You would basically see the maria, which are the darker parts of the moon, and really good impact craters."

Parshati Patel (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

The Cronyn Observatory is hosting an event on Saturday, October 28 from 5-9 p.m. for families. It will include public talks about the lunar landscape and its origins. Among other things, kids will also have an opportunity to design and launch rockets.

And of course, participants will have access to the observatory's main 10 inch refractor and other telescopes.


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