How a community reunited a baby with his favourite stuffy

The London mom made a plea on social media after her son's stuffed penguin went missing on a walk last week. The community came to the rescue, and by that evening her son had his favourite toy back in his arms.

After the stuffed penguin went missing, mother Kylli Eccles posted a map online of their walking route

London mom Kylli Eccles posted a picture of her walking route on Facebook after her son's stuffy went missing (Facebook)

Last week, Kylli Eccles was out for a walk with her 10-month-old son in Old South. And as always, Lukah had his much-loved locally-made stuffed penguin.

"All of a sudden, I looked down and was like 'Where did your penguin go? I know we brought him.'" Sure enough, the penguin was gone.

Kylli and Lukah Eccles out on one of their daily walks. (Kylli Eccles)

"If he doesn't have it on his walk, he gets all weepy and sad and I can tell he's looking for it," said Eccles.

So, the new mom retraced her steps, walking the route back and forth with no luck. Later, she drove the route.

Still no luck.

No problem, Eccles thought, I'll just buy another one online.

No dice. The black and white stuffed penguin was sold out.

So, Eccles turned to Facebook and posted her plea on an Old South community group, including a map of the route she and her son walked that day.

"And then I got a message that night that a lady took a look for me and found it kind of hiding behind a bus stop bench. And she dropped it off for me."

Eccles said the Good Samaritan headed out specifically on a hunt for the penguin, retracing Eccles steps and using her map as a guide.

"My husband went out, too, and he said he saw a bunch of people walking that same route, trying to find my peguin."

Eccles was thrilled and hopes to do the same for someone else. 

"It's so amazing. And actually, I just saw a post. A girl lost her necklace in the same area. As soon as my boy is done snack, we're going to go out there and pay it forward and try to find her necklace for her."

Kylli Eccles posted this on Facebook last week (Facebook)


Rebecca Zandbergen

Host, London Morning

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