He did it again. 93-year-old runner Canio Polosa of London, Ont., secures 3 more Canadian records

Retired doctor, Canio Polosa of London, Ont., started running at 60 but had to give it up at 80. Miraculously, Polosa rebounded in his 90s and is now breaking Canadian records. On Saturday he captured three more running bests.

Canio Polosa set records in the 10K, 8K and 5 mile distances on Saturday

Canio Polosa, 93, set three Canadian Masters Athletics records on Saturday at the Springbank Sprint in London, Ont. (Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News)

Retired doctor, 93-year-old Canio Polosa was hoping to finish Saturday's 10K race in London, Ont., in an hour and 20 minutes. He'd been training all winter and had already secured a 5K Canadian Masters Athletics record last fall.

Turns out Polosa is even faster than he thought. He finished the Springbank Sprint 10K in 1:14:04. 

How does he do it? 

"I just keep working, doing something that I think helps," said a soft-spoken Polosa at the end of the race.

"It was so much better than he expected," said his smiling wife, Lynne Weaver, at the finish line. "I didn't know what to expect and it's fabulous. It's really exciting."

Polosa started running at the age of 60 but was forced to give it up two decades later because his knees were giving him trouble. Miraculously, Polosa rebounded in his 90s after his wife got him knee braces, and now Polosa is breaking Canadian records.

He actually snagged three new Canadian running bests on the weekend.

The course was certified to capture Polosa's time at the 8K and 5 mile marks too; he easily beat the 8K time and he's the first in his age category to log times for the 5 mile and 10K distances.

"Three in one race, at least that's efficient," Weaver joked.

Canio Polosa, who set 3 Canadian records on Saturday, shares a moment with the youngest competitor, 18-month-old Luke Bell who ran the 50 metres. (Submitted by Lynne Weaver)

"I'm over the moon," said Polosa's coach Sherry Watts. "I think he's been training really well all winter, and he's just a very determined person. I think having Lynne behind him probably helps a lot too."

"I'm going to feed him like crazy because he's burned off huge calories and as you can see he can't afford to burn off too many calories," said Weaver of her husband who stands just 5'6" and weighs 113 pounds.

"And he'll probably have a power nap," she said. "He's kind of like a puppy. They run like mad and then they eat and go to sleep. He's sort of like that." 

Polosa says maybe he'll run a longer race next time.

"I'm happy to be alive," he said.

Meet the 93-year-old runner who set 3 Canadian records

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London, Ontario's Canio Polosa set three Canadian Masters records in the 90-95 age bracket at the Springbank Sprint last weekend. The 10K, 8K and the 5-mile record holder joined CBC Sports' Anastasia Buscis to discuss his achievements.


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