Have you seen this banana bike rolling through London?

After nearly two years piecing together his bright yellow velomobile, London's Jon Deeks took it out for its inaugural spin down the Thames Valley Parkway and through Wortley Village.

Jon Deeks pieced this bike together over two years. He unveiled it this past weekend.

Banana bikes surprises Londoners

1 year ago
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Jon Deeks has spent the last two years working on his bright yellow banana bike. He finally debuted it on Londons’s streets this weekend.

After nearly two years piecing together a bright yellow velomobile — an enclosed human-powered vehicle — Jon Deeks of London, Ont., took it out for an inaugural spin down the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) and through Wortley Village this past weekend..

"It's a nine-foot long, bright yellow banana bike," said Deeks. "So, my feet are forward and I'm sitting in a very large chair. It's a very relaxing way to ride."

"I made the foolhardy decision to ride down the TVP and obviously it got a lot of attention," he said. 

A couple of years ago, Deeks bought the yellow fibreglass shell on Kijiji. It was produced by a now-defunct business called Blue Velo in Collingwood, with the licensing rights from Quest, a company in the Netherlands. 

Deeks has been working on it since then, purchasing special parts from Europe and locally to finish it off.

London's Jon Deeks created a bit of a stir this weekend when he took his banana bike out for a first spin, after two years building it. (Twitter)

The recumbent bike is about as wide as a mountain bike and as long as a tandem bike.

"I saw lots of phones being pointed in my direction," said Deeks, who also rode through Wortley Village on Saturday.

Riding uphill is challenging since the bike is much heavier than a regular ride, but Deeks said the downhills are "a bit of a blast."

Deeks parks the banana bike on its nose in his garage, in a special stand he built.

"Obviously it takes a lot of space."


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