Harry Potter isn't running in the federal election, but he does have a sign in one London neighbourhood

The federal election is brewing, and in one London riding, some familiar names have thrown their names into the …Sorting Hat?  

It's unclear whether Potter, Granger, Lupin and Voldemort have formally registered with Elections Canada

The signs weren't conjured from thin air, but are the brainchild of Woodfield resident Wes Kinghorn. (Wes Kinghorn/Twitter)

The federal election is brewing, and in one London riding, some familiar names have been thrown into the… Sorting Hat?  

According to signs that have magically appeared in the city's Woodfield neighbourhood, a crowded race to represent London North Centre now includes Gryffindor Ontario candidate Harry Potter, Dumbledore's Army Ontario candidate Hermione Granger, Lord Voldemort from Your Ontario Death Eaters and Remus Lupin of The Marauders.

The four signs, which have nearly 1,000 likes and more than 350 retweets on Twitter, weren't conjured from thin air. London resident Wes Kinghorn tells CBC News he was inspired by similar election signs for Darth Vader a few years ago.

"There's a lot of kids in this neighbourhood who are huge Harry Potter fans, my wife and I are both fans of it as well, and I had it bubbling that it was this super universe to set up this sort of electoral competition," he explained.

After some consultation with friends — and after realizing there was a sale at the sign shop — Kinghorn sat down and developed four parties that "seemed appropriate" for each of the characters.  

Lord Voldemort is the incumbent in the race, and his sign bears a quote from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: "There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to see it."

Slightly more obscure, said Kinghorn, is Lupin. The party slogan for the beloved werewolf and Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher is "fighting tooth and nail for Ontario."

Kinghorn chose unique colours for the signs, and said the parties were not supposed to bear any resemblance to real parties. He might even add a few more characters to the race.  

"I'm being lobbied pretty heavily for Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange," he laughed. "Maybe I'll try to squeeze them out this year, but definitely for the next election cycle."

Kinghorn places the signs on friends' lawns on Princess Avenue near Palace Street for short periods of time, such as when kids are walking to school. 

He suspects their popularity stems from tension that's building in the federal election, and because it's a holiday long weekend. Though somewhat surprised by the response on social media, Kinghorn hopes the signs will get kids thinking about positive politics.

"It's not by accident that three of the characters actually quite like each other in the real world," he explained.

"Because I hope that's the way we can be in politics. We can be about the issues … but perhaps we can remember these are all good people. Running for office is very difficult. I tried it myself once. We should respect the people who are putting their hat in the ring."

When asked to confirm that the wizarding world of Harry Potter was not "the real world," Kinghorn laughed.  "I'm not so sure about that."