Forks of London simply loves Mai's in Wortley

Restaurant reviewer Kylene Walker had a bit of a dilemma after visiting Mai's: did she really want to tell people about what she calls a 'hidden gem' in Wortley Village?

London Morning restaurant review raves about the Wortley eatery

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Kylene Walker is a food blogger who reviews local restaurants; the food, the cost, the decor and the service. She rates her dining experience from 1 to 10 forks - 10 being the top rating.

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Mai's Cafe & Bistro is located at 142 Wortley Road in London. (Kylene Walker)

Mai's Cafe & Bistro is an eatery in Wortley Village that serves Thai food.

Kylene Walker was joined by three others when she visited Mai's for dinner.

The group shared various appetizers including spring rolls, fresh rolls, and battered coconut shrimp.

For their main meal, they ordered Cashew Chicken, Green Curry, Pad Thai — as well as the house specialty, Drunken Noodles.

Kylene's favourite was the Drunken Noodles which were drenched in fish sauce and basil. She found it to be a good compliment to the spicy Green Curry.

The group also shared a mango salad dish.

The servings were big but Kylene said the bill was relatively small. The foursome dined for less than $100.

Mai's is not licensed to serve alcohol so that kept the cost down. Kylene said that's the only drawback for those who want to enjoy wine or beer with their dinner.

  • Listen to Kylene Walker's full review of Mai's here.

On her Forks of London scale, Kylene Walker gives Mai's 9.5 out of 10 forks.

Mai's Cafe & Bistro is located at 142 Wortley Road in Wortley Village in south London..

Kylene recommends making reservations on weekends because the restaurant only seats about 30 people.

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