Turn your old Christmas tree into a farm animal's treat, says rescue

Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue said the goats and sheep are most excited to eat old Christmas trees, but pigs will graze on them too.

Goats, sheep and even pigs will enjoy your old, dry tree

Minerva, one of the pigs that calls Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue home, hangs out with a Christmas tree on Monday, Dec. 28, 2020. (Submitted by Jennifer Nephew)

When you get tired of vacuuming pine needles from the living room floor, there is a four-legged creature somewhere out there eagerly eyeing your Christmas tree as a tasty snack. 

"Our sheep and our goats are probably the most excited for the Christmas trees," said Jennifer Nephew, co-founder of Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. "The pot belly pigs graze on them a smidgeon." 

The rescue near Hanover, Ont. has been accepting trees as treats for the past four years, but this year, they posted a call for prickly pines and festive firs on Facebook that received more attention than usual. 

The goats and the sheep are most excited about Christmas trees, said Jennifer Nephew, but the pigs will graze on them as well. (Submitted by Jennifer Nephew)

It's had more than 700 shares. 

"I think a lot of people are looking for things to do and ways to be part of the community. Especially with COVID-19 and new lockdowns. I think people were just excited to find new ways to repurpose their trees," said Nephew. 

"It gives them something to do and something to be excited about." 

There are two sheep at Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Farm that also enjoy nibbling on festive firs and prickly pines. (Submitted by Jennifer Nephew)

Monday was the first day the rescue started to get trees. Nephew said they had received 15 already, and another 30 to 40 were expected. In previous years they've received up to 100. 

"I feel like this year we're definitely going to get more trees than we have in the past, just from the number of people that are reaching out." 

She isn't worried about having too many. 

"The goats will be happy to have the trees all the way until spring. I'm sure they'll all get eaten."

Bunson and six other goats jump at the gate when they see a Christmas tree on its way, said Jennifer Nephew, co-founder of Carroll's Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. (Submitted by Jennifer Nephew)