Winter's return leads to more than 50 collisions, OPP says

The Ontario Provincial Police are warning drivers about difficult road conditions with fast-falling temperatures following two days of above-zero temperatures.

Icy, snow-covered roads are the result of today's sharp temperature drop

The OPP are reporting ice and snow-covered roads in and around the London area. (OPP)

Ontario Provincial Police are warning drivers about dangerous road conditions with fast-falling temperatures Friday that follow two days of steady rain and above-zero conditions. 

"The roadway is like a sheet of ice," reported OPP Const. Ed Sanchuk, referring to Highway 403, just after 6 p.m. 

As of about 6 p.m., there have been more than 50 collisions reported in the OPP's west region.

Sanchuk said drivers that don't have to travel, should stay home Friday evening. 

A sudden drop in temperature is to blame for the slick road conditions. Thursday's heavy rain left roads drenched, but they were freezing up fast on Friday, with temperatures expected to hit —12 C overnight. 

"I have my truck in 4x4 mode and it's still sliding around," Sanchuk said in a video post on Twitter. 

"Roadways are slippery," he added. "If you're going to be on the roadways, you need to slow down and drive according to the weather conditions."

He said many of Friday's collisions have involved transport trucks. 

He also said he's "shocked" at the amount of texting and driving he's seeing on the roads. 

"I hear people say that road conditions are causing collisions. Road conditions aren't causing collisions, bad driving habits are."

One trouble spot is the on- and off-ramps of Highway 402, which froze up and led to multiple collisions.