Chihuahua dies from reportedly consuming narcotics on walk, say Woodstock police

Tests done by a vet revealed that Tessa, a five-year-old chocolate Chihuahua, had narcotics in her system, the family told police.

The police service is advising dog owners to keep an eye on their pets

Two men are facing a string of charges after police raided a home in Woodstock on Wednesday and seized a dozen weapons, including two shotguns, five rifles and a handgun. (@Woodstock_PS/Twitter)

Woodstock police are asking dog owners to be careful after the death of a Chihuahua who reportedly consumed narcotics or drug paraphernalia while out on a walk.

Special Const. Shaylyn Jackson said a family reported to police that their five-year-old chocolate Chihuahua, Tessa, died last Wednesday less than 24 hours after becoming sick.

"They took their dog to the vet to determine what happened," she explained. "Tests results came back and the vet shared with the individual that their pet had died as a result of narcotics consumption."

Jackson said Tessa's owners believe she consumed either narcotics or drug paraphernalia, like an empty bag with residue, while out for a morning stroll in the area of Canterbury Street in Woodstock. 

The police are asking pet owners to keep a close eye on animals while out on walks.

"We want people to know that if they happen to locate used needles or drug paraphernalia of any kind to contact police," said Jackson.

People can also pick up kits to safely dispose of needles from Woodstock city hall or Southwestern Public Health, she said. 


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