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Colin Butler is a veteran CBC reporter who's worked in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and London, Ont. Email:

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As parents slowly go back to work, there are still few options for childcare

As the province continues to ease the restrictions that have been in place for the past 12 weeks, some working parents face a dilemma as they face the prospect of easing back into a more formal work environment: what to do with the kids when they're still at home? 

The big cats that have been the talk of an Ontario beach town for the past year appear to be gone

The eight lions and two tigers that have been the talk of an Ontario beach town for the past year appear to have left town.

This butcher says she's working 80 hour weeks to keep pace with the skyrocketing demand for meat

A family-owned abattoir in Mount Brydges says skyrocketing demand for meat caused by the coronavirus crisis has created long hours for staff, long lines of customers and nearly empty shop freezers. Customers are snapping up cuts of pork, beef and chicken at an unprecedented rate.

How last responders risk their lives to honour the dead in the pandemic

April was cruel. So was May. Through the height of the outbreak during those months, a Londoner was dying almost every day. Over 61 days, there were 52 covid-related deaths. So many, funeral director Steve Masters was working around the clock. 

Grand Bend big cat owners in a race against time after judge sets June 2 deadline

Grand Bend big cat owners, Mark and Tammy Drysdale, have been given until June 2 to move their collection of exotic animals out of town limits, or they would be held in contempt of court.

Ontario lakeside towns worry confusion could have tourists storm their beaches

Lakeside towns in two counties, along thousands of kilometres of Ontario coastline, are worried about being inundated by thousands of sun-starved big city residents after the medical officer of health for the region rescinded an order to stay off public beaches.

Stress eating for two: we could be seeing the first signs of a pandemic baby boom

Are pickles and ice cream the next toilet paper? They could be if the same numbers of newly reported pregnancies from a southwestern Ontario family doctor's clinic are being seen across the country.

London Transit struggling after virus causes fare revenue to vanish along with riders

London’s public transit system is facing a potentially crippling financial crisis after a precipitous drop in ridership brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has led to an estimated $7.2 million shortfall for June. 

Summery weather has made sections of London's busy parks tricky to navigate

Several days of summer-like weather has presented a challenge for Londoners starved of fresh air and exercise: how to navigate crowded pathways while still keeping a proper distance?

With overnight camp cancelled in Ontario, the industry fears day camps could be next

With overnight camps canceled across Ontario, counsellors, campers and hundreds of family-run camping businesses are left wondering whether the season is an all-out wash, or if summer tradition will look radically different.

20 years after Walkerton: critics say Ontario is laying the foundations of a new water crisis

A generation after the deadliest tainted water crisis in Canada in modern memory, environmental critics say the Ontario government could be laying the foundations of new kind of water crisis by cutting back on environmental protections.

Battered London retailers take first step on difficult path to reopening

On Monday, non-essential retailers with a street entrance were allowed to open their doors for curbside pickup, marking one of the first tentative steps to reopening an economy battered by almost two months of government imposed lockdown. 

Why where you live in Ontario matters if you want to get married in the pandemic

Some brides and grooms who had to postpone their long-awaited weddings in this unprecedented time are grieving, others are getting creative about getting hitched despite the virus.

Provincial tribunal backs London developer in bitter, 5-year demolition battle

A London developer has won the right to demolish a ramshackle building in the city's Woodfield neighbourhood that heritage advocates say could be one of the community's oldest buildings and the birthplace of the city's labour movement.

The video of this London couple's pandemic wedding has gone viral on social media

Serge and Jessica Parent threw caution to the wind and held their wedding in the middle of the pandemic and while it wasn't what they had originally planned, they were pleasantly surprised by all the attention it's getting.