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Colin Butler is a veteran CBC reporter who's worked in Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton and London, Ont. Email:

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Why is public art lying in a city yard?

A number of London's metal trees that sparked a firestorm of controversy when they were first commissioned were spotted lying in a pile in a city yard. A city official says trees were removed for construction and will be refurbished before they are reinstalled.

'Hostile' fence now divides Western University from its hard-partying neighbours

Western University has constructed a 900-foot-long, seven-foot-high steel fence to stop people from coming and going from campus to nearby Broughdale Avenue and its now notorious annual street party.

How you can get your hands on one of the rarest trees in Canada

Ben Porchuk and Steve O'Neil are on a quest to drive across Ontario's heartland, giving away 100 pawpaw trees in London, Toronto, Six Nations, Windsor, Sarnia and Niagara.

Here's what Jagmeet Singh would do about London's problems if you make him PM

By officially launching his campaign in this city, Singh is the first of the four main party leaders to visit London and he didn't hold back when it came to what he'd do about London's social problems if voters gave him the keys to Sussex Drive. 

Ontario's cargo theft 'epidemic' is costing you money and seems to be getting worse

Unlike violent crime, cargo factor thefts rarely make the news. When they do, it's usually more for the bizarre factor, rather than a pocketbook issue for consumers.

Family finds 100,000 bees hidden behind the walls of London home

A family moves from Toronto to London only discover they aren't alone in their new home.

Fines for Ontario gas stations that don't display anti-carbon tax stickers? 'That's absolute insanity'

Most drivers don't like the carbon tax – but they don't like new the anti-carbon tax stickers either.

Posh corner of London to get 55 affordable apartments, thanks to local church

A London church is taking matters into its own hands by building 55 affordable apartments in the northwest area of the city amid an ever-deepening housing affordability crunch.

Dozens of rare snakes released into woods near London in conservation first for region

Conservation officials released dozens of freshly-hatched snakes from a rare native species Monday at a secret location just outside London's city limits in a bid to prop up a species in decline. 

London's downtown in 'crisis' amid drugs, destitution and leadership vacuum

The signs are everywhere in downtown London, with destitute people sleeping in doorways, human feces smeared on sidewalks and a panoply of empty store fronts and 'for lease signs' that rim a dusty labyrinth of dug up streets and orange construction fencing.

'I never talked about it and I am now:' Perdita Felicien on growing up in poverty

Two-time Canadian World Champion Perdita Felicien opens up about growing up in poverty and why, as an adult, she's found strength in her mother's wisdom.

London is among the first cities to use VR and it's changing how we see the future

London is among one of the first cities in Canada to use virtual reality in its planning and it's changing the way we see the future. 

Ottawa buying 360 London, Ont.-made LAVs from General Dynamics

The federal government has announced it will buy 360 LAVs for the Canadian Armed Forces to be built at General Dynamics' London, Ont. plant.

Some London families say picnic pirates are a problem in city parks

Forget the ants, the most loathsome pests for some London families this summer are picnic pirates.

'No stopping zone' considered for notorious Western student party enclave

London city councillors vote Monday on whether to impose a 'no stopping zone' on streets surrounding Broughdale Avenue, an enclave of mostly student rental homes known for its wild and well-attended annual party known as FoCo.