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At what age should a child enter a change room unattended?

A flip flop in the change room policy at some London aquatic facilities has prompted a conversation on parenting and privacy at city pools.

A pool change room controversy sparked the Lippy Londoner discussion

Vanessa Brown, Maureen Cullen and Tyler McTaggart (Amanda Margison/CBC)

The City of London's Aquatics department was doing the backstroke this week.

It started Sunday when parents noticed signs at pools stating that children over the age of three were no longer allowed in opposite-sex change rooms. 

There was strong reaction and by Monday afternoon, the department had rescinded the policy.

But it does raise a straightforward question: how old should a child be before they can go unsupervised into a change room?

Three local parents joined Rebecca Zandbergen on London Morning.

  • Vanessa Brown, co-owner of Brown and Dickson bookstore
  • Tyler McTaggart, vice president of the group, Dad Club London
  • Maureen Cullen, Master's student in Early Childhood Education at Western University.

Listen to the full conversation:

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