Did you ride your bike to work today? Londoners share their cycling photos

Cyclists across the city share their commutes on social media in celebration of London's first Bike to Work Day.
'I made it! 10 km. 40 minutes. The ride south on Wonderland is great for bikes until the new Lowe’s and Tim Hortons...Now that I am at work, I am only slightly dizzy and my legs feel like rubber! But it’s so much fun!' Deb Rogers takes a photo after arriving at work on her bike. (Deb Rogers/Facebook)

London's first official Bike to Work Day kicked off Monday morning as participants shared photos of themselves choosing to bike to work over driving or busing to encourage others to do the same.

The event was organized by Cycle Link London, a local non-profit dedicated to helping more people choose to bike.

Daniel Hall, executive director of Cycle Link London, said that the the event helps Londoners who may want to bike more, but are concerned about getting around the city.

"It's not just for people who already ride to work, we want to connect with Londoners who are considering cycling but don't know where to start," said Hall. 

At 7 a.m. cyclists around the city met at designated locations before riding to Victoria park. Some riders gathered at Ivey park for a guided ride to experience the new bike lanes at King and Colborne.

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As bike infrastructure increases throughout the city, Cycle Link London hopes that more people will be encouraged to commute to work on their bikes.

"I'm hoping we reach a tipping point where both the amount of cyclists increases in the city and the amount of infrastructure gets that much better that it's also enticing people to choose to ride. That's the hope." said Hall.

Bike to Work Day commences London Celebrates Cycling, a 17-day event promoting cycling as an alternative option for commuters. There are multiple events scheduled across the city in the next couple weeks to celebrate riders and educate the public on the benefits of cycling.